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     Sometime the Mangyshlak peninsula was called “Sleeping Beauty” because it resembles a female profile on the map. The nose of that prim beauty is Tupkaragan Peninsula.

     Chronicles of middle-aged Arab scientists (VIII-XII c.) contain facts about a big paled city Daragan situated in that region. Historians state that many years ago this city obeyed Khoresm. Atciz was a governor; Mohammed-shah was after him and had an ignominious end escaping from Mongolian persecution in one of the Mangyshlak forts. His san Jelaladdin left for the east after father’s death and established Badur dynasty. The fort was powerful before Mongolian invasion in middle ages.

     It is written in one of the pre-revolutionary Russian magazines:”Yellow sand ribbon, naked small mountain ranges, sands again, somewhere you can see herb such as saxaul, tamarisk, speculum and pea shrub, and also wonderful blue-green water… The nature is poor here. In spite of that life full of energy and power exists here. It is something beautiful in every corner of the Caspian, something attracts people who make something and think something.

/From the book N. Zaderetckaya «Tupkaragan - cradle Mangistau», translated by V. Gonchar/






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