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               Sagyndy cape has steep and rocky shores Sailors fixed an anchorage and landing there inspite of the deep-water cape. Some people name it “Devil’s finger”, some say “God’s finger. A big cliff hangs down the sea and shows a way for travelers. But is the way right? This puzzle can be solved with a compass. Sagyndy Cape is a neighbor of cliffy cape. The name says for itself. Impressionable travelers will remember this cliffy terrace forever. Oil industry workers know that in cape area of water an oilfield was opened and named the “Cliffy Sea”.

   In scientific research of XIX century D. Livkin wrote: “Near the Urduk cape a coast line changes its direction to the south-east. The riverside gradually rising forms a narrow terrace between the mountain-ridge and the shore. This terrace is very steep. The underwater part of the shore is blocked up with big rocks sticking out the water. This lasts till the Sagyndyk cape.

   There is one more Tupkaragan cape with the name Sagyndyk. A Sagyndyk well is situated near this cape. Mangystau archeologists found a middle-aged fortress on the cape territory. This fact tells that people were living in this cape for many ages and thousand years. A serpentine slope of a caravan way covers the fortress from the shore and from the plateau sides. May be it was the very Great Silk way.

   The Urduk cape (Urdek) cape is flat and low. Many capes’ names were after saints living and buried there after their death. In the Caspian Sea sailing directions of H. L. Puschin (1897) told that “there are 2 graves about a verst from the shore. One of the graves belongs to a Kazakh saint Urdek (Urduk). The cape was named after him. In D. Livkin’s expedition research (1902) there was a came Urduk in this cape where Turkmen people were living. 6 families live in houses made of local rocks, others live in nomad tents. A few number of herds (500 sheep and 30 horses) grazing near the camp. Some bullock-carts serve for connection with Aleksandra village and Dubskiy gang, where fishermen drive fish they caught. A try to have melon plantations failed, because crops were flood with storms”.

                 In Russian traveler’s notes M. Ivanin the Tupkaragan cape is called “Lbische”. “Sailors called it the same way. This Mangyshlak upland is about 60 sazhen above the sea, which can be seen 50 verst away. It is a forepost for people sailing from Gurev and Astrakhan”. The Tupkaragan cape is extremity of the peninsula with the same name. The most extreme western peak is finished with a 20 meters cliff. This cliff is impressed on a nice picture by Taras Shevchenko. “Karagan” is a name of a widespread bush. “Tup” is translated as “cape” from Kazakh. So, the district name comes from the cape’s name. Once thick growth of Karagan covered this region. Karagan is a valuable plant here.

               One more cape on the Tupkaragan shore is Bagaradzhik. It has a rocky shore. Sailors and travellers can see trees with branchy crowns for away. Zhygylgan cape (Depression) is situated 8 miles away from Bagaradzhik. We will be to describe Zhygylgan as it is one of the mysterious capes situated on the east coast of the Caspian Sea.

                One more cape on this peninsula the Green cape. It is the biggest cape in Greenland world, so it is called Green, despite it is covered with ice all the year round. There was a song: There is an island of bad luck in the ocean “all covered with grass”. You can find the Green cape on the map with its neighbors Ashirmun and Sultan-epe cape is called after the Sufi Sultan-epe respected by Mangyshlak people. Sultan-epe is considered the patron of sailors and travelers.

                 Tupkaragan is boundless in its descriptions of beauty and sights. May be we did not mention all the toponyms, but only those who travel can find out more about Tupkaragan. Our dear reader, we invite you to visit Tupkaragan!

                 So, let’s travel!

/From the book N. Zaderetckaya «Tupkaragan - cradle Mangistau», translated by V. Gonchar/






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