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The capital of our Motherland, Astana hosted the International Round Table on the topic "Promotion of tourism object “Austrian stele in Fort Shevchenko". The event was attended by representatives of the Department of Tourism Industry of the Ministry of Investment and Development of Kazakhstan, by senators from the Mangystau region, Ambassadors of friendly countries, as well as tour operators from Astana.

"During the celebration of the 170th anniversary of Fort-Shevchenko, I was lucky enough to visit Mangystau, the land where everything is different from other regions; nature, people, and even monuments”, - President of the Metropolitan Association of Tourism, Rysty Kalievna Karabaeva opened the round table.

Moderator said that promotion in the international community of the stele, standing on the mass grave of Austro-Hungarian prisoners of war in 1915 in Fort Shevchenko have been carried out by Tourism Department of the Mangystau region with the support of International Organization of Turkic Culture "TURKSOY", as well as the Metropolitan Tourism Association. These prisoners have participated in the construction of the 1st radio station of Kazakhstan and Russian-Kazakh school.


The presence at the event of Deputy Chairman of “Atameken” National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan Yakupbaeva Julia Konstantinovna indicates that the capital supports actively the initiative of Mangystau. Julia Konstantinovna expressed admiration on flurry of activity in all areas of the Mangystau residents, in particular in the field of tourism. She has also noted, the region does not remain without attention of "Atameken" NPP. She promised to take active participation in the PR-company of the Mangystau region, "because the edge of a Martian landscape lacks only it, where come to be blessed before the big things and recharge your energy with the help of sacred places."

Director of the Department of Tourism Industry of the Ministry of Investment and Development of Kazakhstan, Marat Nesipkalievich Igaliyev confirmed this view, saying that every time he discovers with joy new people who are surprised by its unexplored pages of the legendary Caspian.



It was really a unique round table, because "The tourism potential of Mangystau region - 2016", which presented the Head of Tourism Department of the Mangystau region, Gulzhan Mangistauovna Bayzhaunova, Deputy of Senate of Parliament of Kazakhstan, Lyazzat Ketebaevich offered his "kiinovskaya" version.

As admitted Lyazzat Ketebaevich, he has come at the event came with enthusiasm and even pre-prepared, "When I became the Head of the region, I had to dive into the history of the region and it sucked. Mangistau region is a peninsula of legends, which certainly have a historical basis. These legends of Bautino fishermen Zohar Dubski, a fighter for the independence Dosan Tazhiyev and Isa Tlendiev about Alibi Dzhangildin, whose path led through Fort Alexander, about Hitler's bomb, which left its mark on the coal village of Tauchik."

The senator expressed confidence of unfounded opinions about Kazakhs’ ignorance and cited the example of the ancient madrasa, preserved on Mangyshlak peninsula, built without cement and clay. He showed his sketches of these mosques. "Mangistau is truly unique multi-ethnic, ethno-cultural and tolerant land, which has maintained religion of nomads – Gentiles, Tengriism parallel with Islam. Being a native of Tauchik village, located a hundred kilometers from the very Austro-Hungarian stele, I say proudly that my homeland is interesting to tourists from Europe", - said the Senator, and drew the attention of the representatives of the diplomatic missions on the fact that he often has an occasion to fly to Vienna. However, after the cancellation of the flight Astana-Vienna opening the Astana-Budapest flight, the flow of tourists in Austria has decreased, and increased to Hungary. In general, direct flights are the key to increase number of tourists, and therefore, the development of tourism.



      Sieglinde Shpanlang, 2 Secretary, Consul of Austria in Kazakhstan, during her visit to Mangystau v saw a monument to the 1st World War. At one time she worked as a representative of the diplomatic mission in Azerbaijan and connected Azerbaijan and Austria in the political and creative projects. She had a chance to become an active member of the Viennese Ball in Baku. Today, working on the other side of the Caspian Sea, Zaglinde told that she is pleased to build a bridge between Europe and Asia, through Mangystau. "Monument of the 1st World War in the Mangystau region is an occasion of grace that the new stage of modernity strengthen and expand international relations. In Austria, relate to the history of his people reverently and with gratitude to those who preserves the history of the Austrian people.

The project has already attracted the attention of historians, scientists in Austria, who have expressed a desire to participate in research of this historical monument", - said in her speech Sieglinde. Currently the Austrian entrepreneurs engaged in business in Astana, as well as in Mangystau have showed the interest in project.

Dr.Herri Gangle and Arpad Hubert Kerestesh are among them. The representative of the Austrian Embassy in Kazakhstan Catarina Sharfetter took active participation in the preparation of the event.

For your information, the following year of the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Kazakhstan and Austria. Kazakhstan Ambassador to Austria Kairat Sarybai has been working on commemorative projects, one of which is fraternization  of western regions of Austria and Mangystau.


  No one could imagine the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Azerbaijan in Kazakhstan Rashad Einaddin ogly Mammadov participating at any event without gifts. In the introduction Rashad mellim thanked the Mangystau region, which was the start of his diplomatic mission in Kazakhstan. The result of the work in the western region are the numerous agreements and contracts, realized projects, and most importantly, the book with the Director of Writing Workshops, Nataliya Zaderetskaya (of course, we are talking about me, I am proud and happy from the heart). Heroes of the book are the people who lived in different times and live under the guise of Peoples' Friendship. Guest from Azerbaijan presented the book "The Eternal Road - Life" and "Two people - one destiny" to Lyazzat Kiinov, Akhmed Muradov, as well as Mikhail Bortnik, heroes of multicultural projects.



      The next speaker, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Hungary to Kazakhstan Andras Barani proposed to expand Tourism project and call it "Austro-Hungarian": "The prisoners, buried in a mass grave in Fort Shevchenko, were representatives of the Austro-Hungarian army. Therefore, among the buried could be Hungarians. Centennial Monument in Fort-Shevchenko is just an excuse to strengthen the millennial relationship of Turkic peoples, Kazakh and Hungarian." The Ambassador promised to make a contribution to the opening of Mangystau for Hungarian tourists, Kazakh-Kipchak brothers on history. He proposed to organize a tripartite forum conference with the participation of historians, experts who can shed light on the history of the Monument to the 1st World War, as well as to fraternized oil cities of Hungary and Mangystau, which will unite the friendship between the two countries and peoples.

I want to add that the Ambassador of Hungary got important mission to deliver "baursaks" - a favorite crunchy biscuits of Aktau tourists made by Aktau entrepreneur Asyl Kalenov to Astana. We are talking about loads of 20 kg!


   This ethnic tourism project is supported by the International Organization of Turkic Culture "TURKSOY". On behalf of the President of «TURKISLAV» Academy of Turk and Slavic, Nur Ahmed Dosmuhamet, Togzhan Baurzhanovna Kasenova read a welcome letter and handed the pennant, a gift from Ankara for Tourism Department Head, Gulzhan Bayzhaunovoy.


  Deputy of Majilis Parliament of the Peoples’ Assemby of Kazahstana, co-chairman of  "Association for Cultural Development of the Chechen and Ingush people "Vainakh" Akhmed Seydrahmanovich Muradov, by the way, 65-year-old hero of the day, noted in his speech that the people are tired of the artificial comfort and rush closer to nature . So the best place in this kind of holiday is Mangystau. And I come here for this purpose. It is no accident that the holy places are considered as the brand of Mangystau, priceless relic of different nations. He noted that the round table in year when Gratitude Day was established in Kazakhstan, as well as the Assembly of Kazakhstan People's holiday is a landmark.

A descendant of the Ukrainian people, born in the Kazakh land, the people's deputy, Deputy of the Senate of the Mangystau region, Mikhail Bortnik was brief. He said, "To know the region called "Mangystau", you need to go there and to see the uniqueness of its nature and unique history, which merged treasures of Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Turkmen and here's Austrian and Hungarian nations.


   Zhalgas Umirzakovich Balgozhin, representative of the Department of Tourism Industry of the MID RoK not a single practice knowing how to attract tourists, how to organize a unique tour de Aktobe, open valley of marmots in Martuk. So, he began from the key point: "There are many tourist attractions in Kazakhstan. It is the tourism that opens the borders of state. The main thing is to get to work organizations that are recognized to create tourist products at the legislative level. The Germans, using the tourism industry priorities, start an investment project in Kenderli. In this project, today's round table between Kazakhstan, Austria and Hungary should initiate inter-governmental agreements, allowing promote tourism products".

Head of Technical control center, Tourism and external relations Department of Eastern Kazakhstan, Daniyar Salauatovich Toktarbaev has come specially to support ethnic project "Austrian stele in Fort-Shevchenko". Daniyar introduced the participants to the tourist attractions of the Eastern Kazakhstan, in particular the legendary road, built by Austrian prisoners of war of the same 1st World War. Time has not retained bridges, built by prisoners from Austria, but the local old residents keep the memory of it. " In Mangystau, on a mass grave of prisoners of the Austro-Hungarian army are always flowers.

Ethnic tourism project executor, Director of the Writing workshop, Nataliya Zaderetskaya.

Photo by author.



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