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"Construction and operation of sports and recreation center for children with swimming pool, for 320 people in Kendirli, the Mangystau region"

"Department of Tourism of Mangystau region" SI 130000, Republic of Kazakhstan, the Mangystau region, Aktau city, mcrd 14, building 1, Tourism Department announces the project preparation of "Construction and operation of sports and recreation center for children for up to 320 people in Kendirli of the Mangystau region" Public-Private Partnership and invites potential private partners to discuss the… read more

Happy New Year 2017!

Dear people of Kazakhstan!
We wish you Happy New Year 2017!
Let there be peace and tranquility in our country, strengthen unity, a belief in a bright future! New Year will be the year of unity and concord! A year of prosperity and well-being for each family!
Let the coming year bring you the joy of new unforgettable experiences and light of hope! We wish the New Year become a bright and cheerful,… read more

The Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan!

Dear residents of the Mangystau region!
This year is the 25th year of Independence our people dreamed of for centuries. Independence is the freedom, power, prosperity and spiritual wealth. In such a glorious time, I wish you good health, family unity, prosperity and success, and the implementation of new projects and ideas.

Developing tourism through the authenticity of destinations: Mangystau – Land of Legends

Recently, "The tourism potential of Mangystau region-2016" lecture-presentation for future professionals of tourist areas, students of the Kazakh Humanitarian Law University has taken place.
Regional center of the Mangystau region, Aktau, despite its youth, is included in the number of historical cities, such as Moscow, Baku, Tallinn, Istanbul. Everything in our region is… read more


The capital of our Motherland, Astana hosted the International Round Table on the topic "Promotion of tourism object “Austrian stele in Fort Shevchenko". The event was attended by representatives of the Department of Tourism Industry of the Ministry of Investment and Development of Kazakhstan, by senators from the Mangystau region, Ambassadors of friendly countries, as well as tour operators from… read more

Road to Tupkaragan with Transdanubian Kipchak

Hungarian Ambassador in Kazakhstan laid flowers at the Austro-Hungarian Stela in Fort-Shevchenko
Learning about the implementation "Popularization of tourist site" Austrian stele", Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Hungary to Kazakhstan, Andras Baran, had a special trip to the Mangystau region, to have a look at the legendary stele.
 Accompanied by the Head of the Tourism Department of the… read more

Eco tourism in Mangystau region

Ecotourism is a journey to places of untouched nature with the aim of not disturbing the integrity of the ecosystem, to get an idea of the natural, cultural and ethnographic peculiarities of the territory, without disturbing the integrity of ecosystem; such peculiarities create economic conditions when nature conservation became profitable for area and population.
The main priority of ecotourism should… read more

"City of the Dead" opens his eyes for alive

The world was shaken by archaeological discovery made in the steppe of Mangystau. The sensational object found out there is compared with Stonehenge now, but probably soon Stonehenge will be compared with it.
Two years ago, excavations of cult-funerary complex Altynkazgan began near Aktau. It was discovered by accident; a local resident found an ancient saddle decorated with silver. Historians have… read more

Another burial of the 1st World War Austrian prisoners found in Fort-Shevchenko

Another Austrian burial has been found during implementation of ethnic tourism project "Promotion of tourism site "Austrian Stele".
The project is implemented by Tourism Department of the Mangystau region with the support of the International Organization of Turkic Culture "TURKSOY" and Capital Tourism Association.
During the solemn celebration of the 170th anniversary of Fort-Shevchenko, there was… read more

“Melovoy” lighthouse

"The most desirable light for a sailor is light of native lighthouse."
Mangystau region is an amazing place, not only for its history and the richness of nature. There is also one of the rare sights – the lighthouse. It's not just a lighthouse, it is the only one in continental Europe, which is located on a residential building.
In 1948, on the Eastern coast of the Caspian Sea, at Cape Melovoy, luminous… read more

History of the old Fort Alexander, or in the wake of the First World War in Fort-Shevchenko.

The 1 stage of ethnic tour project "Promotion of tourism site "The Austrian stele" in the international community.
The project is implemented by Tourism Department of the Mangystau region with the support of the International Organization of Turkic Culture "TURKSOY" and Capital Tourism Association.
Eight years ago, a resident of Aktau Vladimir Petrovich Larichkin shared information with your humble… read more

The Mangystau region took part in «Ontustik Tourism-2016" Forum

An international tourism forum «Ontustik Tourism-2016" under the name «South Kazakhstan: in the heart of Silk Way» take place in Shymkent city on October 6-7 this year. The organizers of event are: Akimat of the South Kazakhstan region, Ministry of Investment and Development and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).
During the forum a business conference on the topic "New opportunities in the New… read more

XIII Forum of Interregional Cooperation of Russia and Kazakhstan

The Palace of Independence in Astana hosts the XIII Forum of interregional cooperation between Kazakhstan and Russia with participation of Heads of State of the two countries on 3-4 October, the press service of the Ministry for Investment and Development of Kazakhstan reports.
"The Kazakh-Russian business forum with the participation of Heads of the leading Kazakhstani and Russian companies, which in… read more

Days of the Mangystau culture and art

According to the plan of activities for the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan Days of the Mangystau culture and art under the auspices of the 25th anniversary of Independence "Strong regions - strong Kazakhstan"  on 1-2 October took place.
On October, 1 at 16.00 at the "Palace of Peace and Accord", the exhibition of Mangystau regional historical museum called "Zhangyrgann… read more

Presentation of the Mangystau region tourist potential

An industry event of autumn-winter tourist season - “Rest” Astana Leisure 2016 exhibition took place on 29 September – 1 October in Astana.
The exhibition was attended by such countries as Vietnam, Georgia, Hungary, India, Korea, China, Kazakhstan, Maldives, Russia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, and others.
The vast potential of Kazakhstan's tourism products was presented due to the exposure of the… read more





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