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Schoolchildren from Mangistau went to "EXPO-2017"

The long-awaited event "EXPO-2017" is becoming more accessible for the Mangistaus, reports InAktau.

                In the timetable of trains an additional route to Astana has appeared. This will allow all those who wish to visit the international exhibition unhindered in the summer. So, the opportunity to attend a large-scale event was given to 1,750 children, 470 of them from the city of Zhanaozen. The trip tickets were presented to schoolchildren by the administration of the region and industrial companies. So, on the opening day of EXPO-2017 more than two hundred children from the cities of Zhanaozen and Aktau set off on their travel.

                The greatest interest among children was attracted by the exhibition devoted to new technologies in the sphere of "green economy". The exhibition “Energy of the Future” sets specific goals - to research strategies, programs and technologies aimed at developing sustainable energy sources, increasing the reliability and efficiency of energy supply, stimulating the use of renewable energy sources and showing visitors the need of their active participation in the development and implementation of an energy-efficient production plan and effective use of energy resources. The children will have the opportunity not only to see large-scale projects in this area, but also to learn more about the ways of preserving the ecology on Earth. This will make the future generation think about the important issues of nature conservation, which today the world decides together. This exhibition is a confirmation of this.

                By the way, schoolchildren on the road will be accompanied by their parents, teachers, and doctors. On the way for children, a safety lecture was held. The children have an excursion in Astana, visiting the exhibition "EXPO-2017" ahead of them. According to the parents of schoolchildren, visiting of the event will become the brightest remembrance of the summer for the children during the holidays. The event will beef the bundle of knowledge up and give a lot of emotions.

                "I was very happy when I found out that I and my classmates will be taken to EXPO 2017. Earlier we did a small project "My contribution to EXPO", where we talked about our ideas. But we could not assume that the dream of seeing this fabulous world will become a reality for us. We are being waited for a lot of excursions, exhibitions, dating with interesting people. I am very grateful to the leadership of the school that they chose us," said Zhannur Imankulova, a pupil of school number 7 in Zhanaozen. The train started off, the schoolchildren let the balls into the sky and set off to find out what our country is waiting for in the future and what should be sought.

Recall that yesterday on the embankment of the city of Aktau held a live broadcast of the opening of "EXPO-2017".  Uma Solomonova, www.inaktau.kz


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