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While ecologists are slumbering, tourism is developing.

                For the last six months the ship "Araks" under the Russian flag (the port of registration of Makhachkala, the shipowner of LLC "Transcaspian") stands on a canopy a hundred meters from the coast of the Peschaniy Cape of the Karakiyansky district of the Mangistau region.

                It is known from the press that the next day after the accident the captain and crew members left the ship. Remained aboard the "Araks" mechanic G. Magomedov said that on November 4 the vessel because of a break from the anchor ran aground. The holes on the ship were missing. In the vicinity of the ship's parking, no bottling of oil products was observed. According to local services, 130 tons of waste oil and 2.6 tons of oil sludge are on board. The vessel "Araks" is a raid-port oil-loading floating bunker. It was built in 1980. It has a length of 61 m and a width of 11 m, the deadweight of the vessel is 1,304 tones.

                As the head of the department for work with law enforcement agencies, territorial defense and mobilization of the apparatus of Akim of the Mangistau region Maralbek Seylov reports: "For the refloat of the tanker "Araks" it is necessary the conclusion of the Intergovernmental Commission. To solve the fate of the stranded tanker “Araks”, the conclusion of an Intergovernmental Commission set up in April 2017 by the authorized bodies of Russia and Kazakhstan is required ".

                There is everything to attract attention of local residents and visiting tourists to this object, at least, the object itself. With the advent of the swimming season, those wishing to see the “Araks” are becoming more and more.

                Yes, the ship became the object of robbery and vandalism for black metal finders. On the ship there are traces of destruction, wires, pipes are broken, and furniture and equipment are broken. This is facilitated by the proximity of the object to the coast and the lack of protection.

                It is clear that over time, in case of damage to the ship, there is a threat of causing environmental damage to the Caspian. But the curiosity of tourists to get acquainted with the new object on Cape Peschaniy is unstoppable.

                Maybe, for example, take the experience of neighboring Uzbekistan. The leadership of this country in the object of the tourist cluster introduced the main symbol of the tragedy of the Aral Sea –the Cemetery of ships. Read details at the source: Uzbekistan, Tashkent - AH Podrobno.uz.

Natalya Zaderetskaya, photo by A.Zaderetsky


The Aral Sea will change into tourism cluster of international caliber

                President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev approved a set of measures to create an international tourist cluster in Muynaksky district.

                In particular, it is planned to build a trade and tourist complex MoynaqCityCenter with a proposal for unique tourism products, such as quad biking on the bottom of the Aral Sea, mud treatment with unique minerals of the Aral Sea, taking medicinal baths in local highly saline lakes.

                In order to attract the attention of the international tourist community in the region, an annual eco-fest "Aral and the revival of Muynak", a gastronomic festival "99 fish dishes of the Aral Sea", as well as musical and poetic festivals of the great Karakalpak poets Berdach and Azhiniyaz, who were from Muynak.

                Besides, the Uzbek party is going to held talks on the invitation of the creative groups of the leading thematic channels "My Planet", National Geographic, Animal Planet and Viasat Explore for filming and broadcasting of local fauna, wildlife, folk customs and traditions.

                The development of the necessary infrastructure will not be left aside. The government will allocate money for a complete reconstruction of the Museum of Local History with the introduction of modern audio and 3D video technologies, including the creation of the effect of presence using old photographs and video chronicles. For the convenience of tourists on the dried-up bottom of the Aral, special posts-pointers of places where the border of land and sea once existed will be installed.

                A new attraction on the tourist map will be "Muynak Beacon" and an adjoining cafe overlooking the opening of the sea floor, the construction of which will begin in the near future. In these objects, a special sound atmosphere will be created using background music "sea-wave noise" as a symbol of the Aral Sea gone.

                The main symbol of the Aral Sea tragedy - the ship cemetery will be reconstructed, and 11 remaining ships will undergo restoration and conservation procedures.

                Significant funds are planned to be spent on the development of a separate artisan cluster. In particular, it is planned to organize the production of souvenirs on the sea theme and the Aral theme, among the most interesting ideas is the sale of empty cans with the historical design of the Muynak fish cannery. It is also planned to open a handicraft shop for carpet weaving along the traditional Karakalpak and Muynak patterns. To advertise domestic tours in major cities of the republic - Nukus, Urgench, Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand and Tashkent will be placed banners and billboards. There will be opened points for the sale of textile and souvenir products from Muynak. Videos and documentaries about the history of this region, great poets of Karakalpak poetry Berdah and Azhiniyaz, flora and fauna of the Aral Sea, national customs and traditions of Muynak will be prepared.

                It is planned to organize group visits to Muynak and the Aral Basin by special groups from among students of colleges, lyceums and universities, as well as groups from large production associations and enterprises.

© News Agency "Podrobno.uz" Hodzhiakbar Ganiev


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