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The photographer from Yakutia has published the incredible pictures of Mangistau

Photographer and traveler from Yakutia Alexander Khimushin, part-time documentary of the channel "My Planet", has visited about 85 countries around the world and is the author of a unique project "The World in Faces", InAktau reports with reference to the official website of the channel "My Planet". For 14 years now he has captured and enjoyed the beauties of our planet. In each of his photographs you can see the originality of cultures and landscapes of the countries of the world.

Alexander Khimushin has also visited our picturesque Mangistau: in Tauchik Canyon, in Sherkala, Boszhira, the Karagiye Depression and many other interesting places.

"... The nature of Mangistau, although harsh, is still surprisingly diverse: from the yellow sand dunes of the desert to the turquoise waves of the Caspian Sea, from the deep canyons and pointed chalky rocks to the green carpets of the vast steppes. There is the Karagiye Depression here in Mangyshlak (132 m. below sea level). But still, one of the most exciting discoveries, for me personally, was the night sky of Mangistau. It, perhaps, can be compared only with the star-studded night sky of the Himalayas. Whether on the coast of the Caspian Sea, in salt-marshes, steppes or rocky mountains, wherever I had to stay overnight during these three weeks, I wanted to spend all night long under this starry sky to absorb at least a part of this unearthly beauty. Night photo sessions usually lasted until 3:00 am, after which I even managed to get lost a couple of times)), and experiments with long exposure and "tinting" of the surrounding landscape with a headlamp made it possible to make a series of unusual photos that I think add mystics to this unearthly landscape, " he wrote. InActau offers to enjoy a series of incredible images of a Yakut photographer.


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