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Socially Responsible Tourism or SRT

The First International Competition "Travelling - Help!"

The "Travelling - Help" competition (icrt-russia-online.ru) is held to promote the new phenomenon for Russia - socially responsible tourism (SRT). The task of the competition is similar to the task of responsible tourism - to encourage travelers to make their personal contribution to the development of regions, to show exemplary examples, through the art of photography, to promote principles of respect for the environment, cultural heritage and tourist attractions.

The organizers of the Contest are the International Center for Responsible Tourism and the State Darwin Museum. The agreement was signed on the eve of the First official International Day of Responsible Tourism on November 8, 2016. Then the Competition was kicked off. Nominations of the Photo Contest: "People and Nature: Volunteering Everyday Life", "The Reviving Heritage", "Orthodox Russia", "The Talking Souvenir", "Professions that help us travel", "Revival of the Village", "Urban Travel: Present, Past and Future", "Russia through the eyes of foreigners", "Seasons of responsible tourism", "People’s Choice Award" (works are accepted until August 31, 2017).

Nominations of the Video competition: "Masters and Crafts", "Regions: Ethnography, Originality, Traditions", "Man and Nature", "All-Russian Subbotnik", "Audience Choice Award". The duration of the film is from 2 to 10 minutes (works are accepted until September 30, 2017). Members of the Organizing Committee become those partners who support one of the fifteen nominations of the Competition. Now we are waiting for confirmation. According to the schedule, we plan to announce all members of the jury from the beginning of June (while we introduce them to you in part), members of the Organizing Committee, the prizes that the winners will receive.

By August, the schedule of events which will be held at the Darwin Museum in the period from September 30 to November 23, 2017 during the “Travelling-Help” exhibition must be fully formed!

September 30, 2017 - Opening of the exhibition "Travelling - Help!"

November 7, 2017 - The second official International Day of Responsible Tourism

23 November 2017 - closing of the exhibition "Travelling - help!"

What should be done?

If you are a photographer or a director or a video operator, then you need to submit your work to the contest portal www.icrt-russia-online.ru

If you are a journalist or blogger, then we invite you to become our informational or audit partner.

If you are a company for which tourism matters, then we invite you to become a partner of one of our nominations and provide prizes for our winners

AND THE MOST IMPORTANT - make an outpost! Share this information! We have a big country and to cover 85 regions, we need a lot of outposts.

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