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Young traffic inspectors visited the museum of DIA (Department of Internal Affairs) of Mangistau region

For inspectors of juvenile police, pupils and leaders of secondary schools No 8 and No 13 of Aktau city and Munayli district, an excursion timed to the 25th anniversary of the police of Kazakhstan and the International Day of the Museum was held, the press service of the Mangistau region DIA reported. According to the press service of the Mangistau Region Department of Internal Affairs, the main goal of such an event is to educate the younger generation of patriotic feelings for the Motherland, love and respect for the Defenders of the Fatherland, propaganda of labor exploits and the activities of the law enforcement officials.

In the museum children were met by veterans of DIA: Colonel of Police Kulbaev Marat, Colonel of the Police Yermek Bashenov, Lieutenant Colonel of Internal Troops Viktor Shcherbak, Major of Internal Troops Usurov Emir, Senior Ensign of Internal Troops Zeynel Eskaliyev, Deputy Head of Personnel Department M. Sadakbaev, employee of the museum Alekesheva Akbala, and employees of the Department of State Language and Information.

The veterans acquainted the children with the history of the formation of the Internal Affairs Agencies and a monument erected to the major-general of the police, the first chief Bragin Ivan, and also with a monument dedicated to those who died in the line of duty.

The excursion began with a visiting of the Museum of the Mangistau Region Department of Internal Affairs. Currently, the museum stores more than 500 exhibits, materials about the heroism of "Kazirgizamankaharmandary", in the performance of official duty, about the achievements of generals, officers of the guards in the service. "The museum about the history of the militia in Mangistau oblast was opened on August 28, 2004. The initiator of the opening of the museum was the leadership of the Internal Affairs Directorate and the Council of Veterans of Mangistau Oblast," Alekesheva Akbala said.

In addition, young traffic inspectors visited “Dinamo” sports complex and were acquainted with the achievements of athletes who became prize-winners at the World Championships and saw with their own eyes the sports equipment where our champions Adilbek Niyazymbetov and Berik Abdrakhmanov work out. After that, the guys themselves trained and looked at the cups of champions with interest. 

Igor Sadykin, coach of the Dinamo sports complex, telling with pride about the history of the opening of this complex, about the achievements of the DIA officers, presented baseball caps with the Dinamo emblem for 30 children.

Sadakbayev M.K., Deputy Head of the Personnel Management Department, showed the children the work place of the Aktau Operational Control Center, where video surveillance cameras which provide security control activities for the city are installed.

The guys were interested in the work of the inspectors, as well as the way the offenses are detected and recorded through the camera, after which they received answers to all questions they were interested in. During the excursion, the students learned a lot of interesting from the life of the police. Visiting the museum left the children with vivid impressions, because they were given the opportunity to touch the exhibits of the museum with their own hands and try on the arming of police officers.

Press service of the Mangistau Oblast Department of Internal Affairs


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