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Pink flamingos visiting Aktau citizens

About a thousand exotic birds have adorned the lake Karacol.

                The artificial lake Karakol arose on the site of the same name salt lake 10 km from Aktau. The shallow pond for a half-century of existence has turned into a wetland with a rich fodder base and competent authorities, more precisely their representatives were identified in the Karagiy-Karakol State Zoological Reserve with the status of an especially protected area.

                Avifauna /avis - bird and fauna/of Karakol admires its diversity: mute swans, cormorants, bitterns, herons, ducks, seagulls, waders, etc. Karacol is a kind of "motel" on the ancient migration routes of migratory birds. In spite of the fact that "Karakol" /Turkic/ is translated as "black lake", the pond is favored by pink flamingos, "the child of sunset", as well as by white swans, always waiting guests of local feathered lovers.

                And now in the next season flamingos, brought in the red book, flew in Aktau. It's hard to count the birds; about a thousand exotic birds have stopped on the lake during their long flight. During this period, the marshy lake becomes pink and pleases the passing townspeople and tourists of local tourist centers.

Natalya Zaderetskaya, photo by A.Isabekov



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