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Schoolchildren from Mangistau went to "EXPO-2017"

The long-awaited event "EXPO-2017" is becoming more accessible for the Mangistaus, reports InAktau.
                In the timetable of trains an additional route to Astana has appeared. This will allow all those who wish to visit the international exhibition unhindered in the summer. So, the opportunity to attend a large-scale event was given to 1,750 children, 470 of them from the city of Zhanaozen. The… read more


While ecologists are slumbering, tourism is developing.
                For the last six months the ship "Araks" under the Russian flag (the port of registration of Makhachkala, the shipowner of LLC "Transcaspian") stands on a canopy a hundred meters from the coast of the Peschaniy Cape of the Karakiyansky district of the Mangistau region.
                It is known from the press that the next day after… read more

The unique Mangistau with the eyes of Evgeny Volkov

From Evgeny Volkov's notes on Facebook: What a day!!! An ancient city. Mosques carved into a rock. No trace of the presence of people.
The unique Mangistau with the eyes of Evgeny Volkov
From Evgeny Volkov's notes on Facebook: What a day!!! Ancient city. Mosques carved into a rock. No trace of the presence of people.
... 18 travel days. 4950 km through the open spaces of Mangistau (about 1000 km of… read more

"Nurlyzhol" increases the tourist potential of Kazakhstan - the Chinese expert

The development of the transport infrastructure of Kazakhstan within the framework of the "Nurlyzhol" program will contribute to the development of domestic and inbound tourism in the country. This was announced at the 2nd Kazakhstan-China Tourist Forum by the director of the China Institute of Tourist Researches Dai Bin, the resident correspondent of INA “Kazinform” in China reports. "Volatility in the… read more

Almaty resident collected interesting facts about the Caspian Sea

The man posted his publication in a social network; he wished to tell nothing about himself, only having informed that he loves his homeland and motivates his friends to develop domestic tourism, InAktau reports.
                A resident of Almaty, who decided to leave his name not for wide publicity, was able to tell only that he was just doing what he loved heartily. In his spare time he studies… read more

The photographer from Yakutia has published the incredible pictures of Mangistau

Photographer and traveler from Yakutia Alexander Khimushin, part-time documentary of the channel "My Planet", has visited about 85 countries around the world and is the author of a unique project "The World in Faces", InAktau reports with reference to the official website of the channel "My Planet". For 14 years now he has captured and enjoyed the beauties of our planet. In each of his photographs you… read more

Socially Responsible Tourism or SRT

The First International Competition "Travelling - Help!"
The "Travelling - Help" competition (icrt-russia-online.ru) is held to promote the new phenomenon for Russia - socially responsible tourism (SRT). The task of the competition is similar to the task of responsible tourism - to encourage travelers to make their personal contribution to the development of regions, to show exemplary examples, through… read more

The 5th stage of the World Rally-raid "Rally Kazakhstan-2017" was off in Aktau

Mangistau region in Rally-raid "Rally Kazakhstan-2017" represents three crews of racers.
The opening of the fifth stage took place on the Aktau embankment of the 15th microdistrict. Akim of Mangistau region Yeraly Tugzhanov took part in the opening ceremony. Inhabitants and guests of Aktau, not indifferent to motorsport, were the group of support for the riders. The first stage of the rally took place in… read more


The memorial museum of the famous mythologist, linguist, historian and local historian Serikbol Kondybai actively takes tourists.
Memory about the great researcher of mythology, the Turkic scholar Serikbol Kondybai is carefully kept in the archives of the museum of the Shetpe settlement. In three rooms the life of a great man is described, his works are presented.
The first room "The phenomenon of Serikbol… read more

"Night at the Museum" was held in Aktau

On May 18, the "Night at the Museum" action was held in the Mangystau Museum of Local History, InAktau reports.
The organizer of the event was the Mangystau Regional Museum of Local History. The event began at 7 p.m. on the territory adjoining the museum, where a special presentation was prepared for the guests. Artisans demonstrated national products to the inhabitants, games such as tug-of-war and asyk… read more

The map of sacred places will appear in Kazakhstan

Director of the Department of the tourism industry Marat Igali call on Kazakhstanis to come in on the development of the map.
In the Committee of Tourism Industry of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the work on creating the map of sacral objects of Kazakhstan has already begun.
The work is carried out within the framework of the project "Spiritual Shrines of Kazakhstan" and… read more

Young traffic inspectors visited the museum of DIA (Department of Internal Affairs) of Mangistau region

For inspectors of juvenile police, pupils and leaders of secondary schools No 8 and No 13 of Aktau city and Munayli district, an excursion timed to the 25th anniversary of the police of Kazakhstan and the International Day of the Museum was held, the press service of the Mangistau region DIA reported. According to the press service of the Mangistau Region Department of Internal Affairs, the main goal of… read more

The ten best cities in the world for tourists-vegans are named

The British newspaper “The Independent” listed ten cities of the world suitable for travelers-vegans. In the list, places in which are distributed arbitrarily, included, for example, the Italian Turin. In Turin, there are more than 30 cafes and shops with food for vegans and vegetarians. In addition, the city hall is going to educate schoolchildren about healthy eating and protecting animal rights. The… read more


The scientific project "Altynkazgan: cults and rituals of the ancient tribes of Mangistau" of the pupil of the Aktau school No.1 Eldaniz Huseynov took 1st place in the Moscow international contest "Russia-Kazakhstan: science without borders".
It is no coincidence that Mangistau is called the "land of a thousand nomads." No one doubts that the Great Silk Road passed through the peninsula of Mangyshlak. A… read more

Pink flamingos visiting Aktau citizens

About a thousand exotic birds have adorned the lake Karacol.
                The artificial lake Karakol arose on the site of the same name salt lake 10 km from Aktau. The shallow pond for a half-century of existence has turned into a wetland with a rich fodder base and competent authorities, more precisely their representatives were identified in the Karagiy-Karakol State Zoological Reserve with the… read more





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